General terms and conditions

You can book a camping pitch, boat, bungalow, villa, apartment or mobile home by letter (email), by telephone or via the Internet. Every day from 9.00 - 18.00 o'clock you can reserve via telephone number +31 (0) 514-522221.

Furthermore, you can also book online on After we have received your online reservation we will send you the final confirmation. When we have received your down payment (within 14 days) your reservation is final. You will not receive a separate confirmation after this. The additional booking fee is compulsory and amount to € 12.50 for a camping pitch, € 5.00 for a berth and € 15.00 for a bungalow/villa/apartment/mobile home reservation. The booking fee will only be charged once when several bookings are made or in case of a combination booking (on one name).

Cancellation insurance
The rental price of a camping pitch, bungalow, villa, apartment or mobile home can be raised with 4% of the rental price for the cancellation insurance of De Kuilart. The cancellation insurance protects you against costs of cancellation when caused by one of the following events, provided that an official declaration can be shown (for example a letter of your family doctor):

  • In case a family member of the first degree, the principal person or one of the other participants passed away, is suddenly ill or had an accident.
  • In case you have to abort your holiday before the given departure date, because a family member in the first degree, the principal person or one of the other participants passed away.
  • In case you have to abort your holiday before the given departure date, because of fire, storm damage or a struck of lightning to the house or household effects of the principal person or one of the participants.
  • In case of a special call for military service, other than in the case of mobilization.
  • In case of involuntary unemployment of the principal person.
  • In case the principal person is unexpectedly provided with a rental house, of which the rental contract will start in the period of 30 days before start of the rental of the accommodation until the last day of rental of the accommodation of the destination of holiday.
  • In case of a movement out of necessity of the principal person, because of medical reasons, renovation or changes in the working environment.
  • In case of a malfunction to the private vehicle of the principal person used for the trip, because of theft, fire, explosion or any other calamity caused by the danger in the environment within 30 days before the actual arrival date to Holiday Park De Kuilart.

Taking part in the cancellation insurance will be done directly with the booking. The cancellation insurance runs from the day the participation starts until the day of departure from Holiday Park De Kuilart. Do you have to cancel, because of one of the above given reasons? Then 4% of the rental price, € 25.00 administrative costs  and the booking fee will be charged. The amount already paid will be reimbursed. In case you have to abort your holiday before the given departure date, because of one of the above given reasons, a percentage of the rental price will be reimbursed taking into account the already enjoyed holiday days. This means the reimbursement is in proportion to the days that have not been enjoyed against the total days of rental of the accommodation.

Recron Conditions
If you do not take part in the above given cancellation insurance of De Kuilart, then costs of cancellation will be calculated according to the Recron Conditions. You can find the Recron Conditions on the website of the Recron(in Dutch).

Provided that the booking is not explicitly deviate from the standard, the standard conditions are applicable for touristic pitches, seasonal and year pitches and holiday-residences. These standard conditions are filed at the Chamber of Commerce in Arnhem and are available at the reception of Holiday Park De Kuilart.

If payments are not paid before the stated closing date, you are immediately in omission. In this case Holiday Park De Kuilart will give you a time period of 14 days to pay the obliged amount.

When payment is, then again, not paid Holiday Park De Kuilart is entitled to cancel the agreement of the reservation from the day the time period of 14 days is expired. You are, in this case, also responsible for possible harm caused by the above mentioned that Holiday Park De Kuilart has suffered, including all costs that Holiday Park De Kuilart has made in relation to your reservation. Holiday Park De Kuilart has the right to charge cancellation costs per accommodation. In this case the legal notices of the cancellation conditions of the Recron Conditions apply. Moreover, Holiday Park De Kuilart has the right to charge collection costs at the rate of € 40.00 per reservation. Furthermore, a percentage of 1% of the total vacant posts can be added monthly to the total amount still to be paid.

Holiday Park De Kuilart has, at any moment, the right to settle any amounts receivable from you with any paid amounts by you.


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